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Social media reactions to Bengals’ 31-7 win over the Browns

The Bengals won! Man, we waited too long to say that and the internet reacted accordingly with lots of fun facts and stats.

The Bengals finally won a game!

*Excuse me while I stop to cheer for a few minutes!*

OK; I’m back.

That was fun. I mean, maybe not for the ‘Bengals suck; let’s just lose them all’ crowd, but I enjoy watching the Bengals win games.

So here we are with some time to enjoy the win over the Browns and hope for another against the Bills next Sunday when the team returns home to Paul Brown Stadium for the first time since Ken Zampese was fired as offensive coordinator.

The social media reactions after the Bengals’ win were mostly positive and there were a lot of great statistics and notes to weed through.

Here’s a look at the social media reactions and analysis following the Bengals’ win over the Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium.

About that...

Let’s end it with this...