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Bengals “Fire Marvin” t-shirts

Are you among those who want Marvin Lewis out of Cincinnati? Then you probably want this t-shirt!

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It’s time for some new t-shirts!

Based on a desire that’s been prevalent in Cincinnati for years, but is heating up and bound to become a phrase that increases in frequency throughout the rest of 2017, we present “Fire Marvin” t-shirts.

After 14 (going on 15) seasons and zero playoff wins (and counting) it’s time for Marvin Lewis to be shown the door in Cincinnati. It’s been a fun ride — at times — but the Bengals need a coach who can get them a playoff win and stop letting the Steelers beat them (as the Steelers did in eight of the nine last games between the teams).

(Please note: this is not necessarily the belief of all Cincy Jungle writers/editors.)

So, if you feel it’s time for the Cincinnati Bengals to have a new head coach and you want to wear that belief around town, we have the t-shirt for you!

The shirts are $24 and are available in sizes small to 3XL.

Get the shirt here!

You can get your “Fire Marvin” t-shirt here!