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NFL Week 8 2017: Thursday Night Football

The day a raven and a dolphin tangled, now that was entertaining

Things have not been going well for one of these teams who will be tussling tonight, and the other just had an injury to their QB that makes the season all that much more difficult, but one may have their luck change tonight with a win under their belt.

The Ravens take on the Dolphins at 8:25 p.m. ET in Baltimore, Maryland at M&T Stadium and can be seen on CBS, NFL Network, and Amazon.

Jay Cutler was lost to a rib injury last week, which may hamper the Dolphins and their current record of 4-2. The Ravens can’t seem to put it all together and Joe Flacco is not living up to his elite status. Will the Ravens take advantage of the Dolphins QB loss or will they flounder and allow for another loss-notch in their record?

Let the discussion begin!