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Social media reactions to Bengals’ narrow win over Colts

The Bengals beat the Colts but what does it mean? The offense looked bad for most of the game and the defense allowed a poor Colts offense to thrive.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

On Andy Dalton’s 30th birthday, coinciding with his 100th NFL start, the Cincinnati Bengals came away with a win.

At times, it didn’t seem like they deserved to win and it often felt like they were going to lose. But when it mattered most, the defense stepped up and Carlos Dunlap’s pick six was the deciding factor in the matchup, giving the Bengals a 24-23 win over the now 2-6 Colts.

The Bengals are now 3-4 and face an incredible Jaguars defense next week in Jacksonville. Dalton should be VERY scared and the offensive line should be putting in double the work this week. The line was awful against a poor Colts defense. Just imagine what next week will be like? The Jaguars have 33 sacks this year, which leads the league by a HUGE margin.

But, before we jump to the Jaguars, here’s a look at the social media reactions to the Bengals’ win over the Colts in Week 8.