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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Wagon-circling

We get to talk about a Bengals win! Aside from breaking down Cincinnati's win against the Browns, we also hosted Jeff Hunter, editor of Buffalo Rumblings to break down the Week 5 matchup against the Bills, as well as answering your questions on the air!

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For The Orange and Black Insider, it was quite refreshing to be able to talk about a win for the first time since January. Still, after an uninspiring 1-3 start, both optimism and hesitancies remain prevalent.

Was the 31-7 win over Cleveland simply a bi-product of playing a poor team, or was it a signal that the Bengals are turning the corner? Maybe both?

Aside from Scott and I reviewing the Browns game, we also spoke with SB Nation’s Buffalo Rumblings’ editor, Jeff Hunter about the important Week 5 clash against the Bills. We talked about a number of topics with him, including the viability of Buffalo’s 3-1 start. On the table of topics for discussion were:

  • Tyrod Taylor’s impact this year.
  • Scott McDermott’s ability to get the team to win notable games over Rex Ryan and others.
  • Buffalo’s defense in the wake of 2017 offseason attrition.
  • Hunter’s keys to a Bills win in an important game for both squads.

We also answered some questions from our live listeners for both Jeff and in the long-term Bengals’ scope. With the teams seeming to have records than most thought would have been flipped, the result of Week 5 should show some true colors.

You can tune into the program and leave your questions here in the comment thread, or join other Bengals fans in the live YouTube chat in the above-linked video. Watch and listen for yours to be answered on our episodes!

You can grab the audio from the show here at SoundCloud or on iTunes.

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