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NFL Week 5 2017: Bengals vs Bills Pregame

Out of the rut we continue to climb

We secured our first victory last week, but many discount it because it was against the Browns. So, the continue climb out of the abyss is upon us this week as we go up against a more formidable foe who sits at 3-1.

The Bengals take on the Bills at 1:00 p.m. ET in Cincinnati, OH at Paul Brown Stadium.

Can the offense continue to take steps forward? Can the defense begin to tighten up on the rush? Will they begin to eliminate silly penalties? The test from LeSean McCoy is soon upon us, but with Vontaze Burfict back for his second week, it is a big possibility Shady fades off into the shadows like the rest of the Bills.

Today, we earn our stripes and first victory at home. Let us hear your roar Bengals fans! WHO DEY!

Let the discussion begin!