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Bengals get injury scare with Andy Dalton

It looks like Andy Dalton is alright after suffering what initially looked like a bad ankle injury.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Update (4:45 p.m. ET):

After the game, Dalton said his injured left ankle was fine. For now, there doesn’t appear to be any concern going into the bye week, which is followed by a big matchup with the Steelers in Week 7. The Bengals seem to be getting a bye week with great timing after many injuries occurred on Sunday in Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Bengals are holding their breath after watching Andy Dalton get injured.

The play happened in the second quarter, where Dalton appeared to have his ankle stepped on by a Bills defender during a pass attempt. After the play, Dalton was badly hobbling around the field before the Bengals had to call a timeout.

Dalton would continue to hobble around on the sideline, but after the timeout, he went back to the huddle and ran the next play, a run to Joe Mixon for a first down.

However, the Bengals would stall and settle for a field goal on the drive. The Bills would go on to tie the game with a touchdown going into halftime. Their scoring drive came after Dalton threw a high pass to A.J. Green, which was intercepted and taken deep into Bengals territory.

The same thing happened early in the third quarter, only this time, it was an on-target pass that went right through the hands of Green. However, the Bengals’ defense would stiffen and force the Bills to punt.

Speaking of, Dalton emerged from the halftime locker room with his injured ankle heavily taped. It’s hard to tell if the injury is affecting Dalton, especially with the game getting hit hard by rain.

After the Bengals fell behind 13-10 in the second half, Dalton would guide Cincinnati on the go-ahead touchdown, which ended with a Joe Mixon five-yard scoring run to start the fourth quarter.

Hopefully, this isn’t an injury that’s going to swell up a lot after today’s game, though the Bengals do catch a break since they get their bye in Week 6.