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Carlos Dunlap named AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Carlos Dunlap’s game winning play gained him the player of the week award.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Dunlap was named the Defensive Player of the Week for his Week 8 performance. This is Dunlap’s third time winning the award, and he is the only Bengals’ player to win the award multiple times.

On Sunday against the Colts he recorded three tackles, a sack, a pass defense and an interception that he returned for a touchdown.

Dunlap made the game winning play on Sunday against the Colts. He saved the Bengals’ season for now with one of the greatest individual efforts you’ll ever see from a defensive end.

He managed to to tip the pass from Jacoby Brissett, and then have the concentration to catch it as it fell from the sky like a punt. He then broke the only tackle he needed to to be able to reach the endzone.

It was Dunlap’s second career touchdown. Sunday was hopefully a get right game for Dunlap who hasn’t had his typical numbers so far this year. Dunlap recorded only his second sack and pass defense of the season on Sunday. Those are things he usually produces quite a bit of.

Either way it came at the perfect time. If Dunlap hadn’t made that play the Bengals would likely be sitting at 2-5 with little to no hope for this season. Here is the play that won Dunlap the award one more time.