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NFL Week 10: Bengals vs Titans Madden simulation

Who’s going to win when the Bengals take on the Titans in Tennessee? We took to Madden to simulate the matchup and project a winner.

Bengals vs Titans Madden highlights

The Bengals suffered a rough loss to the Jaguars last week. The offense couldn’t get anything going and was only able to muster one touchdown. The defense also struggled and couldn’t get off the field, leading to the offense running the fewest amount of plays in Bengals history and in the league this year. Of course A.J. Green missed a good amount of the game which certainly didn’t help, on top of the Jaguars having one of the best defenses in the NFL. The Bengals’ offense looks to rebound against a struggling Titans defense this week in Tennessee.

We took to Madden to simulate the matchup and see how the computer thinks this game will play out on Sunday.

To start off the game, the Bengals receive the ball and start to drive down the field, but pretty quickly they end up having to punt. They punt to the Titans who receive the ball and start driving. The Bengals stop the Titans around the 50-yard line and the Titans pin the Bengals on their own 1 yard line. On second down, the Bengals try to run it with Joe Mixon and he is stopped in the endzone for the Safety.

Joe Mixon tackled for a safety

The Bengals punt to the Titans and they march down the field easily running the ball with Demarco Murray. Once inside the redzone, the Bengals’ defense locks them up and the Titans have to settle for a field goal.

Titans field goal

The Bengals receive the ball and are finally able to start to sustain a drive. They march down the field with a big gain to Green who is eager to remind everyone he is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Then, Andy Dalton evades pressure in the pocket to hit Tyler Kroft in the endzone for the touchdown to take the lead.

Tyler Kroft touchdown
Corey Davis touchdown catch

After that, there are multiple failed drives by each team and the Titans get the ball back with just under two minutes left. They drive down the field and Eric Decker catches a pass with Dre Kirkpatrick all over him before being dragged down by George Iloka on the 1. The Bengals drive them back on first down, but then Marcus Mariota hits Corey Davis in the back of the endzone for a touchdown. The Titans take a 12-7 lead into halftime.

Demarco Murray touchdown

The Titans receive the ball at halftime and end up having to punt pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the Bengals also had to punt the ball away after a failed drive. Soon after, the Titans quickly marched down the field and punched the ball in with Murray. The Bengals defense continued to struggle to get off the field because of their weakness to the run.

Near the end of the third quarter the Bengals finally sustain a drive thanks to getting some good runs from Joe Mixon. Tyler Kroft continues to show improved play with some nice grabs down the seam, too. Eventually Jeremy Hill gets a carry in the redzone and he bounces off a couple tacklers and leaps in for the score, keeping the game within reach.

Jeremy Hill touchdown dive

After that drive each team has multiple three and outs before the Titans finally get the ball and march down the field. The Bengals’ defensive line is getting pushed around by the Titans’ offensive line and Marcus Mariota has all day long to throw. Once the Titans get into the redzone, Eric Decker once again makes the Bengals pay and catches a touchdown.

Eric Decker touchdown catch to seal the win

The Bengals get the ball down two scores and start to drive down the field. With three minutes left inside their own 20, the Bengals go for it on fourth down and don’t get it. The Titans run the ball three times and punt leaving the Bengals with two minutes left and no timeouts left. After getting a first down, the Bengals’ offense once again stalls and the Titans get the ball back with 23 seconds left. The Titans kneel the ball and the Bengals lose 26-14.