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NFL Week 11 Power Ranking Roundup: How low can the Bengals go?

Just how far down are the Bengals for this week’s power rankings?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals lost in the final minute to the Tennessee Titans to fall to 3-6 on the season.

This isn’t where we thought the Bengals would be 10 weeks into the season, but here we are. The power rankings also aren’t kind to the Bengals this week. There isn’t much movement, but there isn’t much farther they can put the Bengals down on the list.

No ranking has the Bengals higher than 24, though they fell no lower than 28 this week. However, if they can’t end their current two-game losing skid and beat the Broncos in Week 11 — a team that’s now lost five straight games — don’t be surprised if the Bengals dip down into the 30s next week.

ESPN: 27

Projected wins: 6.2. The Bengals have the third-worst turnover differential in the NFL this season (minus-9). Can they double their current win total with that sloppy play? Their next two games are against the two teams with worse turnover margins: the Broncos and Browns.

CBS Sports: 26

This season is done. Losing in consecutive weeks to AFC South teams pretty much ends their playoff chances. 27

No move down for the Bengals, despite the loss, because the league membership below them is sub-par. Well, sub-Cincy, which is far below sub-par at this point. While no one should overreact to the 3-6 start or suggest blowing the whole operation up and starting over, it's obvious there is no serious run in this current group, or at least not a strong enough run to squeeze Cincinnati into the postseason.

A.J. Green is still elite. If Andy Dalton kept playing at the level he did Sunday (or better), while Joe Mixon improved and Tyler Eifert was getting healthy, the Bengals would be viable. But Eifert is gone for the year, and all anyone talks about on the highlight shows is Vontaze Burfict. Thought his infraction was a little weaksauce on Sunday. Reputation.

Yahoo Sports: 24

When Marcus Mariota threw a short pass to DeMarco Murray on third-and-goal from the 7-yard line in the final minute Sunday, the Bengals could have used a dynamic linebacker to stop him. But Vontaze Burfict had already gotten himself ejected. Murray scored and the Titans won. This is what happens when you rely on players you can never trust to stay out of trouble.

Washington Post: 28

Vontaze Burfict is a key member of the Bengals’ defense when he actually can keep his emotions under control and remain on the field. But his inability to keep his temper in check more than offsets his contributions as a player.

Bleacher Report: 25

There is still a lot of talent on the Bengals. However, no team over the past couple of years has done less with its talent than Cincinnati.

The problem is that while the Bengals have talent on both sides of the ball, they aren't playing well enough to win. The offense isn't creative, it isn't consistent, and the Bengals can't run the ball. If A.J. Green isn't making incredible, huge plays downfield, Cincinnati has a hard time moving the ball the length of the field.

Against the Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati was 1-of-10 on third down.

The Bengals are going to be competitive all season because the defense is strong and the talent is there. However, poor offensive execution is going to cost them games and is going to keep Cincinnati out of the playoff picture.

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

Site This Week Last Week Difference
Site This Week Last Week Difference
ESPN 27 25 2-
CBS 26 25 1- 27 27 0
SB Nation 23 22 1-
Yahoo 24 23 1-
Washington Post 28 27 1-
Bleacher Report 25 25 0
Average 25.71428571 24.85714286 0.85-