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NFL Week 11: Bengals vs Broncos Madden simulation

We simulate the Bengals vs Broncos in Madden to try and figure out the winner of this showdown of teams with a 3-6 record.

Bengals vs Broncos highlights

The Bengals have a surprisingly tough matchup this coming week against a Broncos team that has been struggling. Denver recently went back to Brock Osweiler as their starting quarterback and their defense has been sputtering. Even when all that is considered, this will be a tough game for the Bengals. The Broncos’ defense will be tough for the Bengals to score on with their elite cornerbacks and improved run defense thanks to former Bengals nose tackle Domata Peko who’s revitalizing his career in Denver. The defense is going to have to be lights out for the Bengals to win this game. Even if Madden disagrees with that concept.

Here’s a look at how Madden projects this game to play out and stick around, because it’s a wild one! Check out the video above for highlights.

To start the game off, the Broncos receive the ball, fumble and recover it on the 5 yard line. The Broncos then are able to drive down the field due to strong play from Osweiler. The Bengals are getting good pressure and bottling up the run, but the Bengals can’t stop the passing game. Eventually from inside the 10 yard line, Osweiler hits Bennie Fowler for the opening touchdown.

Bennie Fowler catching the first touchdown

The Bengals receive the ball and get off to a good start with a big completion to A.J. Green. Then the Bengals offense begins to sputter after Andy Dalton takes a big sack. Joe Mixon takes a long screen nearly for a first down, but is wrapped up. The Bengals are forced to accept the field goal.

Bengals field goal

The Broncos get the ball back and Adam Jones gives up a huge catch down the sideline. Eventually George Iloka stops the receiver inside the 10 yard line. The Bengals defense locks up in the redzone, as they usually do, and the Broncos are forced to take a field goal.

Broncos field goal

The Bengals get the ball and immediately give it back with a three and out. From there, the Broncos run game finally starts going with C.J. Anderson. The Broncos run down the clock and continue driving down the field. Inside the 10 yard line with under 20 seconds left, Osweiler hits Fowler once again for another touchdown.

Bennie Fowlers second touchdown catch

The Broncos kick off with almost no time left in the half. Joe Mixon receives it and he speeds off down the sideline untouched and runs in for the touchdown. The Bengals make the extra point and the score at the half is 17-10 Broncos. WOW, we can get behind that!

Joe Mixon return touchdown

The Bengals receive the ball after the half and their run game is finally able to get going. The Bengals are able to drive down the field and string together first downs. With five or so minutes left in the third quarter, Dalton hits rookie John Ross across the middle of the field and he runs away from his defender, scoring the touchdown. If this were to happen, Ross’ first NFL catch would be a touchdown and we’d be ECSTATIC!

John Ross touchdown catch

The Broncos then receive the ball and the Bengals defense finally manages to get a stop and receives the punt. The Bengals drive down the field thanks to a big catch by Tyler Kroft. However, the drive stalls after a big sack allowed by Cedric Ogbuehi pushes the Bengals back and they are forced to kick a field goal. The Bengals take their first lead of the day at 20-17.

Bengals field goal

After that, the Broncos receive the ball and the Bengals defense once again can’t get off the field. The Bengals run defense is lacking with the Bronocs able to rip off multiple big gains from their running backs. On first and goal Osweiler hits Isaiah McKenzie short of the goal line and McKenzie pushes in for the touchdown. The Broncos attempt the extra point and it is blocked by William Jackson and returned for two points by Josh Shaw. Now if this were to happen, it would be somewhat of a redemption move from Shaw who had a terrible game in Tennessee last week. Though, that was real and this is Madden. So, we’ll have to see if Shaw redeems himself this week in real life.

William Jackson blocking the extra point

The Bengals receive the ball and Dalton continues his good play. He hits Mixon out of the backfield and he gets a big gain down the field. Then Dalton hits Tyler Kroft for a touchdown. The Bengals go for two to make it a seven point game and Dalton hits Kroft again! The Bengals now lead 30-23.

Tyler Kroft touchdown catch

When the Broncos receive the ball, the Bengals defense locks up the Broncos and gets a key sack. Soon after, the Bengals receive the ball and drive down the field. With less than 30 seconds left, the Bengals are stopped and kick a field goal. They make the field goal and go up 33-23 with almost no time left.

Bengals final field goal

The Broncos receive the ball and get a decent sized gain. However on a last ditch hail Mary attempt, the Bengals get a sack and the clock runs out, ending the game.

The Bengals win 33-23 in a thriller.

Final Score