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NFL Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit in Week 9

Who you should start and sit during Week 9 of the NFL season.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like just yesterday the fantasy season was starting, and now we are over halfway through the season. It’s crunch time, and every game is that much more important with the playoffs looming ahead. Here are the players you should start and sit during Week 9 of the NFL season.

NFL Bye weeks: The Bears, Browns, Chargers, Vikings, Patriots and Steelers

Must starts

Lamar Miller (Texans RB): Miller is entering a very easy part of the schedule for fantasy running backs, so expect to see him in this article fairly regularly. This week he takes on the Colts. They allow over 20 points a game to running backs, according to Fantasy Pros. He is coming off a poor performance against the Seahawks, but don’t let that keep him out of your lineup.

Dez Bryant (Cowboys WR): Two things play int Bryant being here. First, the Cowboys are going up against the Chiefs who have given up plenty of points to opposing receivers. Second, the Cowboys won’t have Ezekiel Elliott since he is out with his the six game suspension. Expect the Cowboys to lean a little more on their passing game and Bryant during this stretch.

Favorable Matchups

Adrian Peterson (Cardinals RB): Carson Palmer going down means the Cardinals entire attack and philosophy will probably change. They will become a run first team to try and make things easier on Drew Stanton. Luckily the 49ers haven’t been good against the run this year, so it should work out for Peterson this week. Although, he is more of a matchup based starter going forward.

Ted Ginn Jr. (Saints WR): Admittedly I didn’t believe the Ginn hype at the beginning of the season, but he has been pretty good so far. The Saints are going to be taking on the Buccaneers lousy pass defense, so you should be expecting a few big plays from Ginn this week.

Drew Stanton (Cardinals QB): Obviously pickings are slim as far as quarterbacks go this week. I personally would avoid Jimmy Garoppolo for this week at least, but if you need a guy in the coming weeks he isn’t a bad stash for a bye week.

Stanton Though is going up against the 49ers who haven’t been good at stopping quarterbacks. Plus Stanton does have plenty of weapons around him. He is probably the best quarterback sitting on your waiver wire.

Good but not great

Orleans Darkwa (Giants RB): This is a tricky play. The Rams have been kind to opposing running backs, but the Giants offense has been pretty bad most of the season. Darkwa, however, had the best game against the Broncos defense this season, so this week may prove whether or not that was a fluke.

Kelvin Benjamin (Bills WR): Who knows how much the Bills will play Benjamin this week, but he should at least see some redzone targets, and he is already the best receiver on the roster. I’d be surprised if they didn’t have quite a few plays designed to show off their new receiver against the Jets on Thursday Night.

Tyler Higbee (Rams TE): Higbee has a great matchup against the Giants’ defense who give up the most points to opposing tight ends. the only thing holding him back is Jared Goff doesn’t really target him that much. His last two games he has a combined four catches for under 20 yards, but the game before those he had four catches for 98 yards. This may just be a matchup where he shines again.

Unfavorable Matchups

Cowboys’ RBs: I know some people have been holding on to Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris all season long waiting for this moment where Elliott serves his six-game suspension, but I’d wait one more week if you can. There is no telling who will actually receive the bulk of the carries, and if the Cowboys will lean on their running game as much. There is too much unkown to play either of this guys and feel good about it.

A.J. Green (Bengals WR): Green has been held back by this offense, and especially the Bengals’ offensive line. Green can’t get the Ball if Andy Dalton is constantly getting pressure right in his face. Unfortunately, with the Jaguars next on the schedule Green will be locked up with the stingiest pass defense against receivers, so far this season. Also the Jaguars have 33 sacks on the year. It doesn’t look good for Green’s fantasy output.

Just sit them

Jay Ajayi (Eagles RB): I know I said Benjamin is a good play and he was just traded to a team, but Ajayi will be going against a Broncos’ defense that barely allows 10 points to running backs per game. The eagles will probably rotate in their stable of running backs behind Ajayi as well. He will be a must start going forward, but this isn’t the week.

Corey Davis (Titans WR): Davis owners either just picked him up or have been hoarding him waiting for the receiver to get healthy. Now that he is expected to make his return, make sure you sit him. The Titans offense will be going up against the Ravens who are very good against the pass. He will also have to kick off the dust after missing five games. You waited all this time. What is one more week?