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WATCH: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast, 11/2 live stream

The Bengals eked by the Colts in a must-win scenario last Sunday, but is it a sign of a hot streak, or did they simply just beat a bad team? Is the team worse for the wear on the botched AJ McCarron trade?

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Even though the Week 8 win over the Colts wasn’t pretty, the Bengals got back in the thick of things by getting to 3-4. Major injuries are also starting to pile up around the AFC, opening the door a little bit wider for Cincinnati as they charge into November.

Aside from dissecting the win over Indianapolis, there are other interesting happenings with the Bengals. They nearly had a lucrative trade in place with the division rival Browns for AJ McCarron, but last-minute delays caused the deal to fall through. Are the Bengals much worse off by not getting the deal executed, or are they blessed to have a solid insurance policy still in place at quarterback?

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