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NFL Week 11 2017: Monday Night Football

A tough NFC battle awaits our viewing eyes

Tonight, the Falcons take on the Seahawks at 8:30 p.m. ET in Seattle, Washington at CenturyLink Field.

The seasons has head its ups and downs for the Falcons so far and it got worse last week after losing Devonta Freeman, but with the help of Tevin Coleman, it doesn’t have to be an utter implosion like their former home stadium, the Georgia Dome, took this morning. The Seahawks have lost some major contributors this season as well as Kam Chancellor went down, but they somehow continue to power on, even with a worse offensive line than the Bengals. A win tonight is very important for both teams tonight, but it will all come down to if the Falcons defense can get to Russell Wilson like they did Dak Prescott. Should be a fun game so strap in guys and gals!

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