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NFL Week 12 Bengals vs Browns: Madden simulation doesn’t look good for Cincinnati

We simulate the Browns at Bengals game in Madden to try and predict the winner.

Highlights of Bengals vs Browns

The Bengals will play their second game of the season against the Browns on Sunday and we took to Madden 18 to simulate the Battle of Ohio, part two. Check out the highlights above and the recap below.

To start off the game the Bengals receive the ball with good field position thanks to a return to the forty yard line by Alex Erickson. However, the offense does not get off to a good start and goes three-and-out. The Browns receive the Bengals’ punt inside their own 10 yard line and start their own drive. The Browns get a first down with a deep pass to Corey Coleman, but the Bengals’ defense locks up after that forcing the punt, pinning the Bengals inside their own 20-yard line.

The Bengals’ drive starts off well with Joe Mixon consistently ripping off solid chunks. The Bengals are driving down the field and running a lot of the time off the clock. Eventually though, the Browns stack the box to stop Mixon and Dalton is not able to get the first down through the air. The Bengals decide to attempt the 50 yard field goal and Randy Bullock misses it. The Browns receive the ball in good field position.

The Browns start to drive down the field and the Bengals cannot stop their air attack. It is eventually Isaiah Crowell who ends up sealing the drive for the Browns on second-and-10 from the 21, trucking George Iloka and getting into the endzone.

Crowell touchdown run

The Bengals get the ball back and their drive starts fairly well with a third down conversion after two good Mixon runs. However, on the new first down Andy Dalton takes a shot downfield and the ball is picked off by Jabrill Peppers who has a solid return. The Bengals seem to respond well to the interception, getting pressure on DeShone Kizer and getting the Browns to third-and-nine. However, on third down the Browns throw a screen to Duke Johnson who takes it to the house.

Duke Johnson running a screen in for a touchdown

After that with the Browns leading 14-0, both teams exchange a series of three and outs until after the two minute warning. At the two minute warning the Browns receive the Bengals’ punt and start a drive. The Browns drive down the field with multiple big plays and eventually reach field goal range with a Kizer scramble. With four seconds left in the half, the Browns make the field goal to take a 17-0 lead into the half.

The Browns receive the ball to start the second half and the Bengals are in a bad spot down 17-0. The Browns immediately make it worse with a big completion to Coleman. However, after a big Carlos Dunlap sack, the Browns are pushed back to a third-and-17 and the Bengals make the stop forcing the Browns punt.

The Bengals get the ball with decent field position and immediately get off to a good start with a first down from a Dalton keeper on a read option. Then a big throw to A.J. Green has the Bengals rolling. However, their momentum is stopped when on first down Dalton is sacked and fumbles, putting the Bengals in second-and-21. On the next two downs, the Bengals are not able to get the first, but they are able to get into field goal range and make the field goal making it a two possession game.

Randy Bullock field goal

After the Browns receive the ball there’s a series of three and outs with neither team making any progress. Finally the streak is broken with a big Dalton completion to Tyler Kroft across the middle of the field. Immediately followed by another big gain to Kroft. Green gets the Bengals inside the 10 and the Bengals are within striking distance. After three straight runs with Mixon, he gets the ball in the endzone, making it a one score game, with the Browns leading 17-10.

Joe Mixon touchdown run

The Browns receive the ball and it’s looking good for the Bengals bottling them up on first and second, but then Kizer hits Coleman deep to bring the Browns into field goal range. The Browns get a couple first downs and run the clock to less than two minutes. The Bengals get them to third-and-one but end up giving up a rushing touchdown on the play to Isaiah Crowell.

Crowell’s second touchdown run

The Bengals receive the ball and it gets off to a bad start with two incompletions. Then, a first down to John Ross leads to a pass to Brandon LaFell that he runs into the endzone with a spin move. The Bengals come within a score again, but with no timeouts left they have to kick onside. The Browns recover it and after two kneels take the win, ending their chances at a winless season.

Final score

The final score in this Madden simulation was Browns: 24, Bengals 17.

Let’s hope this is not how the game goes at Paul Brown Stadium in real life on Sunday.