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NFL Week 12 2017: Monday Night Football

A game with playoff lots of implications under the big lights

Tonight, the Ravens take on the Texans at 8:30 p.m. ET in Baltimore, Maryland at M&T Bank Stadium.

Both teams are in the hunt for the playoffs still, believe it or not, as are many other teams in the AFC wasteland, which means the loss of one or the other will play a factor in the playoff picture for not just themselves, but other teams as well. One of those teams being the Bengals.

Now J.J. Watt might be out, but the Texans pass rush is lethal and Joe Flacco, like most quarterbacks, tends to struggle a bit under pressure. The Texans have some major offensive issues, however, as they try and figure out how to play without their young star quarterback, Deshaun Watson.

Will the Ravens or the Texans pull out the victory tonight? We shall find out soon, so stick around with us.

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