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What we can learn from the animal world: science favors Bengals to defeat Jaguars

Does a Jaguar really stand a chance against a Bengal?

When the Cincinnati Bengals travel to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars, the game will be a showdown between teams named after two of the largest cats in the world. But who would win such a competition between two fierce competitors? And, by association, who wins this Sunday?

The head-to-head advantage in power and strength easily goes to the Bengal tiger. The typical tiger can weigh over 200 kg, making it the largest cat in the animal kingdom. Meanwhile the Jaguar is the third largest cat, but only about half of the tiger’s size, weighing a mere 100 kg. The Bengal tiger also has the height/length advantage at six feet compared to about five and a half feet for the jaguar. So the Bengal tiger is a thick, powerful animal, packing a lot of power in its frame compared to the smaller, thinner jaguar.

When it comes to smarts, the Bengal tiger wins that category too, with its larger cranial volume and brain size. So not only does the Bengal tiger have a bigger, more powerful body, but a larger brain to ambush and outsmart its foe.

Both creatures are adept fighters, able to kill other carnivores in battles. The Jaguar can kill wolves, foxes, anacondas, and alligators. But the tiger can also knock off large bears. The tiger is also known to kill leopards, who are quite similar to jaguars. So the tiger is battle proven in such a matchup to be the winner.

Based on the analysis from, there is a 100 percent chance that the Bengal tiger wins a fight against a jaguar. The jaguar’s only advantage is that it can climb trees, to escape the battle. The jaguar can also attempt to escape via water, but the tiger is a swimmer, too.

So how this exactly applies to Sunday’s game is perhaps open for debate. But if the Cincinnati Bengals play anything like the animal, they should be able to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Bengals are playing on the road, as an underdog, with a losing record. Therefore, anything that works in their favor is a good thing. So perhaps the Bengal tiger’s natural advantage over a jaguar is what these Cincinnati Bengals need to look to for their motivation to fight like a tiger, and return home with a victory?