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NFL Week 9 2017: Bengals at Jaguars Pre-game

Today is a good day to get to .500 and it is going to happen

It has been a rough season so far with a few bright spots, while it has been a pleasant surprise for our opponent today, with a few disappointing moments.

Today, the Bengals take on the Jaguars at 1:00 p.m. ET in Jacksonville, Florida at EverBank Field.

Will today be the day that Andy and the gang get the team to 4-4 and gain some momentum for the second half of the season? Will the defense, more notably the defensive line, be able to out duel the Jaguars defensive line? Speaking of their defensive line, can our offensive line play outside of their normal play, protect Andy Dalton, and open some lanes for Joe Mixon?

Think positive Bengals fans and let the discussion begin!