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Dre Kirkpatrick takes jab at Marvin Lewis for Bengals' struggles

Yeah, it’s gotten that bad for the Bengals.

Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

When the Bengals were 0-2, all the talk was of mutiny, “we suck,” and if this team could turn its season around.

Almost two months later, not much has changed. The Bengals are still two games below .500, the offense is a mess, and the Bengals, frankly, are not a good team.

Dre Kirkpatrick, who coined that infamous “we suck” line, is once again making a statement that will raise some eyebrows.

Whether he intended to or not (Dre is no stranger to misspeaking), he threw his head coach under the bus for the Bengals’ struggles.

The blame usually falls on the head coach, and Lewis has more than earned his blame for this team’s falters, but to actually hear a player come out and admit it shows you just how far this team has fallen.

What’s funny about this is Kirkpatrick is easily one of the worst starters on either side of the ball, so for him to take shots at Lewis speaks to how much disarray this team is in.

On the same day A.J. Green was ejected for punching Jalen Ramsey, it’s clear Lewis is losing this team, if he hasn’t already.