Random thoughts on this team.

First a little context. The last time I saw my favorite team, the Bengals win a playoff game, I was 22 years old. I will be 50 before next season starts. I am as frustrated as any fan out there. I just had a few random thoughts.

1. Going into season, I figured offense may struggle behind worst O line in NFL, so not overly surprised by that. I know Dalton has his limitations, but I think he is down the list. I see a team run the ball on 1st down, and wind up 2nd and 11, 2nd and 12, 2nd and 16 once today.. these are after running plays on 1st down.... I have never seen a run blocking unit so poor... I think guys like Joe Mixon and Bernard are talented guys, so I don't think it is a RB issue....... If Bengals don't draft at least 3 lineman in draft, and add a veteran or 2 in FA, I would be shocked..... that needs to be the Number 1 priority....

2. The Bengals desperately need a speed option at WR, hopefully Ross to be out there and healthy, and on the field... other defenses can crowd up toward the line of scrimmage, and without that threat, the Bengals can not open the field up.

3. I had high hopes for this Defense, and hoped it would be able to help the Offense out this year by creating turnovers and field position... other than 2 great INT returns by Jackson and Dunlap, it has been very disappointing.... have only forced 6 turnovers in 8 games... have not been able to stop the run well at all..... when the opponent hands off on 1st down, and gets to 2nd and 5, 2nd and 4, it is hard to stop a team..... compare that to when Bengals run on 1st down, and are lucky not to lose yardage.... The D is playing such a soft zone coverage on 3rd down, it is pitch and catch for the other team..... I have never seen a team go 10 out of their first 11 3rd down's converted like it was today..... and this was Blake Bortles, not Aaron Rodgers.... I realize the Offense has been the bigger problem, but the Defense needs upgrades as well..... Run defense especially, another big lineman inside, and more help at LB to stop the run..... WJ3 needs to be starting as well.

4. Knowing how the Bengals operate, I am assuming the next HC will probably come down to Paul Guenther, or Hue Jackson if he is fired... I am rooting for Cle to go 0-16, because I would rather have Hue..... I am sure there are other candidates better, but I am being realistic in what I think Mike Brown would do....... I do think Hue can help the Offense, and would be well received by the team.........

5. I have supported Marvin Lewis.. I am thankful for the work he has done to stabilize the organization when he took over.... but now it is heading back to dysfunction, and if he is SOMEHOW back next year... it will be very hard to take as a fan...

6. I will never stop rooting for, and watching the Bengals.... I hear the negativity, and how some fans are done with the franchise, and will not watch again, etc.... that will never be me.... I am always watching, supporting, win or lose, and that won't stop...... if the right moves are made in off season, no reason next year can't be a lot better.

7. I support A.J Green, all he has done for this team, and the class way he has always acted. I seriously doubt he will ever be involved in something like that again, and makes me seriously question Jalen Ramsey, and what guy of dude he is.... time will tell on Ramsey..

8. I think Dalton deserves at least another year... at least until O line can be stabilized... don't want to put a rookie behind that mess.

Anyway, better days ahead hopefully.... Who dey!

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