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Jalen Ramsey went after A.J. Green in locker room; shouted profanities at Bengals

Jalen Ramsey sounds like a complete psycho really swell guy.

Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

Green - Ramsey 2017 almost had a rematch as soon as the first fight ended.

Not long after A.J. Green went full MMA on Jalen Ramsey during the Bengals‘ loss to the Jaguars, both players were ejected and sent to their respective locker rooms. That’s where Green went, but Ramsey was more interested in Round 2 of their surprise scuffle on the field.

ESPN writers Michael DiRocco and Katherine Terrell are reporting that Ramsey actually went near the Bengals’ locker room in hopes of finding Green to continue their...pleasantries.

According to multiple sources, Ramsey was then seen being restrained by Jaguars personnel and EverBank Stadium security. He was spotted heading toward the Bengals' locker room before he was restrained, and as the Bengals came in at halftime, he started screaming profanities once he spotted them. Ramsey was also heard yelling that he was going to go find Green once security let him go.

Ramsey did not go in the locker room and was told to return to the Jaguars' locker room and did, a source said.

I just hope those profanities expressed how bad the offensive line sucks.

But seriously, it sounds like Ramsey has some real issues, which does help vindicate Green, who has never done anything remotely close to what he did today.

We still don’t know if Ramsey said anything to light a fire under Green or if it was just constant pushing and shoving by Ramsey while covering Green.

All we can do now is hope Green doesn’t face any more punishment from the NFL. Again, he has a spotless record in the league, so a suspension on top of being ejected from this game would be harsh for one of the NFL’s biggest stars.

As for Ramsey, this is actually something he’s done before. He was also ejected in a 2016 game against the Oakland Raiders after he got into a fight with wide receiver Johnny Holton.

It will be interesting to see how the league handles any additional punishments for both players.