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VIDEO: Aftermath reactions to Bengals’ 23-7 embarrassment to Jaguars

The Bengals lost a very important game to the Jaguars in Week 9 and the fans aren’t happy. They let us know in a live session through our Facebook page.

Bengals get embarrassed by Jaguars, 23-7

Posted by Cincy Jungle on Sunday, November 5, 2017

What a disaster. After garnering a big win at home against the Colts, the Bengals absolutely laid an egg in Jacksonville. With the wide-open AFC playoff race one could consider this another must-win game in a string of winnable ones for Cincinnati, but they dropped the ball.

Marvin Lewis’ squad had failures in all three phases of the game, making one wonder how long his leash is for the rest of 2017. The Jaguars, while a solid squad this year, made Cincinnati look silly in every aspect on Sunday.

Aside from taking the questions and comments from our live viewers on our Facebook page, we reviewed a number of topics as the Bengals headed to 3-5.

  • Should we re-question the coaching staff’s decision to cut Derron Smith and make John Ross a healthy scratch, given what transpired on Sunday?
  • If Marvin Lewis isn’t going to be on the hot seat, should Paul Alexander, given his unit’s massive struggles?
  • What transpired between A.J. Green and Jalen Ramsey on Sunday to get them both ejected?
  • Jeremy Hill sat with an ankle injury, but no running back found room on Sunday, nor have they been able to this year. In fact, the trio of explosive Bengals running backs are averaging a paltry 3.1 yards per carry this year.

Tune in to our Facebook page, as we have a number of live videos throughout the Bengals’ season—particularly after every game. We love to hear your questions and comments, so join us and sound off on your reactions to all things Bengals!