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Cedric Ogbuehi is a disgrace as he quits on Andy Dalton

Cedric Ogbuehi let Andy Dalton get destroyed and didn’t bother helping his QB up.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Cedric Ogbuehi is an embarrassment of an offensive lineman.

Ross Tucker said it best on his podcast last year when he called Ogbuehi the worst offensive linemen he watched in 2016. That’s exactly what Ogbuehi was then, and he’s arguably just as bad this year.

It’s one thing for an offensive linemen to simply be a bad player. That happens. God didn’t gift everyone with the ability to play offensive lineman in the NFL.

However, every human being has a heart, well, we’re not exactly sure of this with Ogbuehi, who plays with no heart on a weekly basis.

This was painfully evident on a sack in which Ogbuehi just let his man run free to Andy Dalton, then didn’t even bother to help Dalton up. Ogbuehi even looks down at his fallen teammate before he just walks away.

That’s disgraceful, but it’s also very common with Ogbuehi. It’s one thing to be bad, but to put forth no effort or desire to improve is unacceptable.

Yet, that would explain why Ogbuehi looks just as bad now, if not worse, than when he first joined the Bengals in 2015.

Ogbuehi is an absolute embarrassment and a liability on this offensive line. He doesn’t deserve to be a backup, let alone a starter on this team. Maybe the Bengals can at least play someone who wants to get better and wants to see his team win. It doesn’t seem like that can be said about Ogbuehi.