Favorite QB in the draft?

Just curious who would be people's favorite for the QB's who are rated high in this year's draft.

1. Josh Rosen (UCLA)- Rated the best pure passer in the draft. Had some immaturity concerns early in career. Seems to have risen to top of draft. Doubt he would be available past top couple of picks.

2. Sam Darnold (USC)- Was hot prospect to start the year. Had an uneven year though, and has talked about possibly going back to school another year. May have growing pains early, but has great intangibles, and turn out well for a team.

3. Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)- Has shot up draft boards with his great season, and Heisman Trophy. May even become a hotter prospect if he takes team to the National Title. Draft gurus are not sure where to put him yet it seems... drawback right now would be his size. Only 6 foot tall, which is unusual for an NFL QB... it was worked well for Russell Wilson though. High risk/ high reward pick.

4. Lamar Jackson (Louisville)-- Most athletic QB in draft. Concerns with slight build and how he will hold up in NFL. I personally think he will shine if he can stay healthy, and be able to play from the pocket, as well as scramble.

5. Josh Allen (Wyoming) Fits all the QB measurables, big, strong, great arm. Inconsistent year at Wyoming though, but should shine in the pre- draft stuff.

Anyone else catch people's eye?

For argument's sake, I am fine with staying with Andy for another year, and working on rest of the roster..... always a risk to go QB high in 1st round... if it works out, can elevate a team for years... if not, can push a team backwards.... I am fine with staying with Andy, or hitting on the right guy.... my personal favorite is Jackson, simply because I don't think Rosen or Darnold will be available... and I worry about Mayfield in the pros with his size.

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