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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: NFC Norse Gods

On this week’s episode, Scott Schulze and Anthony Cosenza examine some peculiarities currently happening with the team, as well as ways to fix the team this offseason and our answering of listener questions on air!

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It was a very interesting episode of The Orange and Black Insider this week, as fans were looking to vent about a number of issues. At 5-8, it’s an easy position to take, especially as this was a follow-up to a 6-9-1 campaign from 2016.

Unfortunately, the focus in the middle of December isn’t on a postseason push, but rather what the team needs to do in an effort to fix its multitude of issues. Effort and the coaching staff are under scrutiny right now, but nothing should be left off of the table for discussion.

Among the topics we touched on this week were:

  • After the loss to the Bears, Marvin Lewis claimed that it wasn’t his job to motivate his players. Is he correct?
  • In the first step in a series we’re starting, we look at the coaching staff. Which members should be shown the door in 2018?
  • Just what was the impact of Mike Zimmer on the Bengals and what is he doing right with the Vikings?
  • Are Andy Dalton’s mechanics slipping? If so, why?

We take your questions and comments on the air every episode, so leave them at Cincy Jungle, or join other Bengals fans in our live YouTube chat by getting in on the fun every episode. Thanks for joining us!

If you’re unable to join us live, all Orange and Black Insider content is here on Cincy Jungle, as well as on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels, and on iTunes! You can tweet us @BengalsOBI or get in touch with us via email at Thanks for listening!