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6 reasons Carl Lawson should be your new favorite Bengals player

We take a look at the Bengals’ most exciting rookie and why he deserves more attention.

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6 reasons Carl Lawson should be your new favorite player

Many NFL draft analysts thought Carl Lawson should be a first or second round talent. After the end of round three, many had Lawson as the best prospect left going into Round 4. In fact, some even had him as a top prospect available for Round 2.

The Bengals were extremely lucky when he fell to the team in the fourth round. Despite not fitting the Bengals’ typical size profile, he was a prolific college pass-rusher and Bengals fans were very excited to get him. So far, he has lived up to the hype surrounding him, has been the best rookie pass rusher in the NFL and is a great addition to the Bengals.

Here are some fun facts that also serve as reasons you should love Carl Lawson.

1. Lawson got his teeth knocked out sacking DeShone Kizer and loved every second of it

For his first few NFL games, Lawson didn’t wear a mouth guard while he was playing. Some of his teammates said he should be wearing one and eventually their words came true. When playing against the Browns in Week 4, Lawson chipped two of his front teeth. He got his teeth fixed and since then he has taken to wearing a mouth guard. But first, his teammates had to make a lot of jokes about it.

2. He needs two more sacks to tie Carlos Dunlap’s Bengals rookie season sack record

Carlos Dunlap had one of the best rookie seasons in Bengals history for a defensive end. He had more sacks than any other Bengals rookie, despite not playing for most of the season. Lawson is in position to potentially break that record. Lawson is two sacks away from tying the 9.5 sack record. With 3 games left, it seems doable.

3. Lawson has the fourth most defensive line snaps, but the most sacks

Lawson has the most sacks by any Bengals player, but he has the fourth most snaps of any defensive lineman. Lawson doesn’t play much during rushing downs so he doesn’t have as many snaps as other defensive lineman. However, he has the most sacks and has been very effective as a pass rusher.

4. Lawson has the highest pass rush productivity of any rookie defensive end

Lawson was a fourth round pick, but despite that he has easily the highest pass rush productivity of any rookie defensive end, per Pro Football Focus. Myles Garrett the No. 1 overall pick in 2017, has been good but Lawson has been the best rookie defensive end in the NFL. Not bad for a fourth round pick.

5. He made a breakfast sushi roll out of bacon that looked delicious

Lawson must love two things and those two things must be breakfast and sushi. Not many people would think those are two good things to combine. Lawson however, decided to try it and it looked pretty good. It may be something worth trying to make yourself.

6. Lawson was passed on by every team multiple times and he is making them pay

Lawson was passed on by teams in the draft because of his size and injury history. It is already beginning to look like that was a mistake by everyone other than the Bengals who ended up scooping him up in Round 4. A lot of teams who needed pass rushers would be very happy to have Lawson on their team right now. Hopefully Lawson spends his entire career in stripes and is a yearly staple of the defensive line and the double digit sack club.