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Willie Anderson to Bengals: Add my name to the coaching search

The former Bengals offensive tackle wants the Bengals to remember his name when they’re choosing the team’s next set of coaches.

NFL Preseason - Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals - September 2, 2005 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Sunday was a wild day for Bengals fans.

ESPN started off the morning with reports that Marvin Lewis would explore new opportunities and not return as Bengals head coach in 2018.

Then the Bengals lost an awful game to the Vikings in which they hardly appeared to be trying. In that game, the team saw George Iloka, Vincent Rey, Cedric Ogbuehi, Jordan Evans and Andrew Billings exit with injuries.

Then after the game, Lewis denied that he’s made any decisions about his future and said all of the reports about him from Sunday morning were fake.

He also then claimed that he didn’t think his players looked at NFL news on Sunday mornings and didn’t think any of them had heard about the reports regarding him before the game.

A.J. Green and Carlos Dunlap both quickly made it known that wasn’t true.

And, Brandon LaFell confirmed players were discussing it among themselves.

With all of that said, it’s likely the Bengals will have a new head coach in 2018 and likely many if not all new position coaches, too.

There are some names being floated around as replacements at head coach including Browns head coach Hue Jackson, Bengals offensive coordinator Paul Guenther and Bengals special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons, for starters. But, another person wants the Bengals to consider them, too.

That person is former Bengals offensive tackle Willie Anderson. Anderson Tweeted saying “Don’t forget to add my name to the hat,” followed by, “Why Not? #Whodey.”

Anderson is one of the Bengals’ greatest offensive linemen of all time and actually spent time with the Bengals during training camp this year, helping out the offensive linemen. He also has spent time with the Browns during the offseason, aiding their linemen. Anderson has made a name for himself by working with offensive linemen from the high school and college ranks with the Willie Anderson Lineman Academy and as you may remember he’s a 13 year NFL veteran, was a first draft round pick by the Bengals in 1996, a three time All Pro and five time Pro Bowler. On the Bengals' First 50, a list released earlier this year of the top 50 retired Bengals of all time, he came in at No. 14.

Anderson shouldn’t be considered for a head coaching or even coordinator job due to lack of experience coaching, but it would be wise for the Bengals to consider (and interview) him to fill the role of offensive line coach.

What do you think? Should Anderson be considered when the Bengals start filling out their 2018 coaching staff? It surely seems time to move over from current offensive line coach Paul Alexander, right?