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Watch: Video reactions to Bengals’ loss to Vikings

The Bengals were embarrassed for the second week in a row, but the issues are far deeper within the organization. We discussed those issues on a recent live session on Facebook.

Bengals lose to Vikings: What's next?

Posted by Cincy Jungle on Sunday, December 17, 2017

For the second week in a row, the Bengals faced an unfamiliar NFC North foe. And, for the second straight week, Cincinnati was blown out in embarrassing fashion.

It’s hard to specifically say how much the news that broke about an hour and a half before kickoff had on the team this week. Marvin Lewis is reportedly calling it quits after this season, pointing to a mutual parting of the ways between he and the front office.

We took to Facebook for a live video session after the team’s 34-7 loss to the Vikings. While we talked a little bit about the result, the obvious areas we touched on revolved around the Bengals’ issues and their coaching situation for 2018.

  • We addressed the pre-game rumors that Marvin Lewis won’t be returning in 2018.
  • Should the Bengals look at internal or external options for their next head coach?
  • Given the poor performances by the entire team the past two weeks, as well as other heartbreaking losses in 2017, which other members of Lewis’ staff should be kept next season?
  • We applauded Mike Zimmer on what he has done in Minnesota, given so many issues at quarterback.
  • Our readers submitted a number of interesting comments and questions that we talked about on air.

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