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NFL Week 17 fantasy football: Bengals at Ravens starts and sits

Who should you sit and start at the Bengals try and go into Baltimore to upset the Ravens?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If you are playing your fantasy championship in Week 17 I’m sorry your commissioner doesn’t care about you. For all you weekly fantasy guys I’m sorry you’re looking at this game for fantasy starts.

The truth is both of these teams have pretty good defenses, and aside from a few holes in them there aren’t many viable players you should be playing out of this matchup.

Must starts

Alex Collins (Ravens RB): Collins had a rough few weeks recently, but the Bengals have struggled against teams that have been committed to running on them, and Collins has had over 15 touches the past three games. You should expect a nice fanatasy out put from him in the finale.

Favorable matchups

Joe Mixon or Giovani Bernard (Bengals RB): Notice the or there. If Mixon plays he is the running back to have in your lineup. However, if he doesn’t you should feel confident putting Bernard in there instead. Either one of these guys is going to get a ton of looks against this defense that isn’t great against opposing running backs.

Good but not great

Ravens Defense: The Ravens defense stomped the Bengals in Week 1, but it would be too hard to replicate that five turnover shut out again against a very different Bengals team. They may still turn out a very good score with some sacks against a banded up offensive line, and probably at least one interception from Dalton forcing the ball.

Bengals Defense: The Bengals mainly need to stop Collins in the running game. Joe Flacco shouldn’t be able to do much against this secondary if Jeremy Maclin isn’t able to go this week. The Bengals secondary has been lifted to a new level with William Jackson playing at starting corner level.

Danny Woodhead (Ravens RB): If you are looking for a sneaky flex play Woodhead is probably your guy. He has had over five catches the past two weeks, and before he got injured in Week 1, he was dominating the Bengals defense in the receiving game.

Unfavorable matchups

A.J. Green (Bengals WR): Green secured his sixth 1,000 yards season in seven years last week, but he will be facing an up hill battle against the Ravens defense. With no other threats to take attention away from him, Green could be in for a long day. His only saving grace is that the ball will likely be forced to him plenty of times, so he should have an okay stat line at the very least.

Just sit them

Both Quarterbacks: Both teams have very stingy passing defenses, and the odds either goes out there and lights it up are very slim. Flacco has less of a chance then Andy Dalton, because Dalton at least has a chance of Green hauling in some ridiculous catch. Flacco has Mike Wallace. There are plenty of other options even in Week 17.

Mike Wallace (Ravens WR): The Bengals secondary has played very well against receivers the past few weeks, and Wallace isn’t about to change that. It could be a long day if the Ravens try to test out Jackson as well.