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NFL Week 13 2017: Bengals vs Steelers Pre-game

Tonight is the night. Time to show up and show out against the biggest AFC North rival the Bengals have

Well, it’s Monday Night Football and the Bengals are playing. It’s against our greatest rival and the season has been a bit inconsistent so far. Tonight is when they must solidify some momentum.

The Bengals take on the Steelers at 8:30 p.m. ET in Cincinnati, Ohio at Paul Brown Stadium and can be watched on ESPN.

At home, on Monday Night Football, against the Steelers. In the past, that has been a recipe for trouble. Even more, this season has gone as the offensive line has gone. So, the offensive line needs to show up and control the game. Andy Dalton will be fine. Joe Mixon will be fine. A.J. Green will be fine. The main concern is the offensive line. The past is not important, only tonight.

Can the Bengals stay cool, calm, and collected? Will the game be a bit more clean than it usually is? If it does, the Bengals have a larger chance than some might believe, especially if Antonio Brown isn’t able to go. They just have to show up and we need you all to show up and root them on as well.

So, Let the discussion begin!