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Bengals robbed of TD by bad holding call on Giovani Bernard

Giovani Bernard was called for a very weak holding call that even the announces called “unbelievable.”

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Bengals were robbed of a score that could have had a huge impact in their clash with the Steelers.

With Joe Mixon leaving the game with a concussion, Giovani Bernard was the lone back the Bengals had to trust for the second half against Pittsburgh. Usually solid in pass blocking, Bernard was flagged on a pass that ended up in the hands of A.J. Green before being tossed into the stands as Green found his way to the end zone.

But the score was removed from the board, as T.J. Watt motioned for everyone to return to the line of scrimmage due to a holding call.

As ESPN pulled up the replay, the announcers were stunned into silence as they watched arguably one of the weakest holding calls I personally have ever seen.

We’ll let you take a look at the gif below, and give us your thoughts below in the comments.

Giovanni Bernard called for “holding” against TJ Watt

The Bengals were forced to settle for a Randy Bullock field goal on the drive, which made it a 10-point lead for Cincinnati late in the third, leaving four points on the board.

Thankfully, the Bengals were somewhat given a makeup call on the ensuing kickoff where they called a holding penalty on Pittsburgh as Martavis Bryant returned it to the end zone for six.

What do you think? Holding? Was the make up call fair?