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WATCH: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast, 12/6 live stream

We're back at it again tonight on the Bengals podcast. We'll be talking about John Ross, the loss to the Steelers, the upcoming match vs the Bears & much more--including your questions and comments!

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Well, that Monday night loss felt like a classic rerun, didn’t it? As the third quarter began to melt away, a familiar sickening feeling had to start creeping into the Who Dey’s fan base.

Cincinnati fell to 5-7 this year, with the playoff hopes essentially dashed once again at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On this week’s Orange and Black Insider, we look at the game and try to make sense of where the Bengals go from here and into a 2018 offseason that looks to be filled with change.

Unfortunately, instead of the team unchaining John Ross with their season almost lost, they put him on I.R., rendering his rookie year useless. What’s going on here? Have we been over-hyping the team’s ability to build through the NFL Draft?

Scott Schulze and I look at these topics, as well as preview the Bears game and taking your questions and comments throughout the show. Leave them in the comments below, hit us up on Twitter @BengalsOBI, or join other Bengals fans in the YouTube chat to commiserate on the state of the team.

If you’re unable to join us live, all Orange and Black Insider content is here on Cincy Jungle, as well as on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels, and on iTunes! You can tweet us @BengalsOBI or get in touch with us via email at Thanks for listening!