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Andy Dalton travels to space, kind of

The Bengals quarterback joined together with comedian Ben Schwartz to “travel to space” for a Courtyard Hotels partnership.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton recently traveled to space. Or rather, the Houston Space Center.

Dalton and comedian/actor Ben Schwartz joined together with Courtyard Hotels for a “98-day trip to space” in honor of Super Bowl LI.

The funny, 4 and a half minute video features the duo blasting off to the International Space Center for space training.

Dalton gets a bit annoyed by Schwartz’ continual sleeping, lack of football knowledge, and his notion that Dalton looks like a cactus. Now, that’s one thing I’ve never heard Dalton’s looks compared to. Among the things the two do in space are compete to see who can check their email fastest (Dalton wins every time) and toss around a football.

Schwartz also asks Dalton if he thinks he’d still be successful if his hair wasn’t red (he said yes). That prompted Schwartz to make Dalton throw him a football while imagining his hair was brown, not red.

The video is quite amusing and Dalton shows a humorous side we don’t always get to see.