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Which Bengals would you like to see duke it out if fighting was allowed in the NFL?

Taylor Lewan of the Titans brought up a ridiculous suggestion to the NFL... But, let’s go with it (hypothetically speaking) for a minute.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan is an interesting character. This week, he took to Twitter to suggest to the NFL that it consider allowing fighting in NFL games, much like the NHL allows.

Fighting in hockey is awesome and among the best parts of the game, (cough, it’s the best part of the game). But, fighting in the NFL just wouldn’t be the same, for a variety of reasons, including the disparity in size among NFL players. Could you imagine Vontaze Burfict getting into a fight with a guy Giovani Bernard’s size? That would just be bad. Fighting is something the NFL is rightfully not going to allow.

But, there would also be quite a few fair fights that could be entertaining. Now, I’m not saying the NFL should allow fighting. It most definitely should not. But let’s just pretend... since, it’s a Friday and all.

I bet Andrew Whitworth would completely destroy in a fight.

Obviously, seeing Vontaze Burfict in a fight could be entertaining. Imagine Burfict vs Mike Mitchell. Sign me up for that!

So, if there was fighting in the NFL, who would you like to see duke it out and which Bengals do you think would put up the best fight?