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The big dance: Super Bowl LI, Bengals free agency and risk taking in Cincinnati

On this week’s episode of the Orange & Black Insider, we preview the Super Bowl, as well as prioritize positions the Bengals need to target in free agency. Plus, we take a look at some troubled, but intriguing draft prospects.

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It’s Super Bowl week, and while the Bengals aren’t in the festivities once again, there are still a number of issues they need to hash out as the calendar turns to February. As it often goes with Cincinnati fans this time of year, the NFL Draft and free agency are the hot topics. They’re even more prevalent with the team projected to have close to $44 million in cap space along with a top-ten pick and 11 total expected Draft picks.

On this week’s episode of The Orange and Black Insider, we recapped the Pro Bowl and how the quartet of Bengals players fared, as well as continued our look at each position group. The linebacker group was under the microscope this time and the state of the position brought about an interesting discussion.

We also answered fan questions, with two very interesting queries being thrown our way. One revolved in prioritizing the Bengals’ free agency positional needs, while another was about an exciting college player with a sketchy off-field past.

With the Adam Jones issue hanging over the club’s head, can they afford to take chances on troubled, but talented players? Or, does the impending closure of a championship window necessitate the team grabbing as much talent as possible?

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