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Stephen A. Smith rips Bengals and Marvin Lewis; calls fans “suckers”

The Bengals shouldn’t simply hand Lewis another contract extension, and just the thought of one coming is making Stephen A. Smith irate.

Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Another week, another Stephen A. Smith ripping of the Bengals.

As he typically does, Smith took aim at head coach Marvin Lewis, who the Bengals continue to employ and give contract extensions to, despite him failing to win a playoff games in seven tries.

As the Bengals mull over whether to give Lewis another extension (they will), Smith thinks it’s a disgrace that this is even being considered.

“It says that they (the Bengals) don’t care about the citizens of Cincinnati, that they mean absolutely nothing to them, that the citizens of Cincinnati are absolute suckers, because they’re going to continue to patronize and support our product, no matter what level of ineptitude we continuously support, and more importantly, we can prove that because we don’t care about winning, and they (the citizens) don’t seem to mind.”

Whew. This is the first time that Smith has gone as far as to call Bengals fans “suckers” for supporting their team, even though they should have no impact on keeping or firing Lewis. If Lewis is underperforming, it’s up the upper management and ownership to see that and make the necessary changes.

Most franchises would have done that by now, so Smith is right to be frustrated with them going against the grain by keeping a head coach that’s 0-7 in the playoffs.

Here is the full segment: