Where does Marvin Lewis rank among top NFL coaches?

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I'm new to this forum, but I'm a lifelong Bengals fan. I also happen to be a bit of a data geek. I decided it might be interesting to bring the two together to analyze the coaches of the NFL and see where Marvin Lewis falls among them. So, I pulled some data from Wikipedia and USA Today and created an interactive infographic comparing all of the current NFL coaches. If you want to interact with it, you can see the full version here: Full Visualization. You can also read my full analysis on my blog: A Comparison of NFL Coaches

Comparison of NFL Coaches

As you can clearly see, the verdict on Coach Lewis is not good. Here are just a few observations:

• With the exception of Lewis, every coach with a tenure of more than 3 years has won at least one playoff game.

• With the exception of Lewis, every coach with a tenure of more than 7 years has won at least one Super Bowl.

• Of the 27 coaches with at least 1 year as a head coach, Lewis ranks a meager 20th in career win percentage (53.3%).

• With the exception of Lewis, every one of the top 5 most tenured coaches (Lewis is the 2nd most tenured) has won at least 6 playoff games.

• Lewis has the lowest number of wins per season of the most tenured coaches.

• Perhaps, most importantly, Lewis has taken the Bengals to the playoffs in 7 of his 14 seasons, but has lost every single one.

• Lewis has overseen a team which has had 35 player arrests, averaging 2.5 arrests per year, while the nearest of the top 5 tenured coaches has only 1.6.

So, there’s my case. The data clearly shows that Marvin Lewis is a mediocre coach at best, good enough to earn a winning season and playoff berth from time to time, but not good enough to lead a disciplined team to a playoff victory. After 14 years and no playoff wins, I’d think that Cincinnati management would have realized this by now. As a passionate fan of my team, I certainly hope they realize it soon.

The interactive version of the infographic/data visualization allows you to hover over different components to see more information. For instance, you can see the names, dates, and reasons for each arrest in the Player Arrests section. Again, you can find it here: Full Visualization. And you can read my full analysis here: A Comparison of NFL Coaches

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