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WATCH LIVE: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast

The gang is live for another offseason episode of the Orange and Black Insider. Join us to talk about all of the hot topics surrounding the Bengals!

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The offseason is officially on for all 32 NFL teams, as the Patriots defeated the Falcons in an epic comeback in Super Bowl LI. Free agency ramps up next month and the Bengals have a lot of work to do in an effort to get back to winning ways.

It’s also the time of year when mock drafts are thrown out with regularity, as everyone is trying to figure out who the Bengals will be taking in the top-10 for the first time since 2011. Is defense or offense the biggest priority to address in the early rounds?

On this week’s episode of The Orange and Black Insider, we look at one fan-submitted mock draft, the lessons the Bengals should have learned from the two Super Bowl teams and many other fun topics as the very busy spring season is around the corner. We also like to answer fan questions on the air, so shoot them here in the comments or in our live YouTube chat!

You can join us live here at Cincy Jungle or our YouTube channel every Wednesday night when we record the program. If you’re unable to join us then, our content is also available on iTunes and SoundCloud. We’re also reachable via Twitter @BengalsOBI and by email at