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Bengals Bytes (3/20): Looking ahead

The Bengals have saved up enough cap to take care of some key free agents in 2018. Should the Browns trade for Garoppolo or take a quarterback at pick No. 12? The team that took a kicker embarrassingly early in last year’s draft seems to already be regretting it.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Expect Bengals To Shift Focus To Extending Burfict & Eifert

Although some are shocked that the Bengals let Kevin Zeitler and Andre Whitworth walk, I for one was not. Many argued that the Bengals had over $43 million in cap space, so they would be able to retain all of their key free agents for the 2017 offseason. I argued heavily against this opinion based off of the Bengals’ philosophy. This is why I expected the Bengals to use some of the 2017 cap space to retain 2018 free agents most notably Vontaze Burfict and Tyler Eifert.

AFC North Bytes

Should the Browns try to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo with No. 12 or take Mitch Trubisky there?

I think landing Jimmy Garoppolo would enable the Browns to start winning right away, and that's imperative for everyone. That would give them Myles Garrett to transform the defense and Garoppolo to change the offense. In this scenario, they'd have enough picks left to draft a lot of good players. It's a very deep draft, and they five picks in the first 65. By next season, I'm sure they'll end up with even more 2018 picks.

2017 Baltimore Ravens: 5 Things We Know Before The NFL Draft

The Baltimore Ravens went 8-8 last season. After a 5-11 2015 season, the Ravens fan base could not be more desperate for a win. This is a team that won the Super Bowl in 2012, which concluded a five year run with at least one playoff win. This is a football town that is used to winning. Period. Plain and simple. Now the Ravens have to deliver.

Perusing the Steelers many 2017 mock draft options

Since we are closing in on the upcoming draft, I figured I should begin familiarizing myself with many of the players (some of whom you may already be totally in love with) who could be possibilities for the Steelers when it’s time for them to decide on the 30th pick of the first round.

Random Bytes

Dwight Clark Announces He's Been Diagnosed with ALS

On Sunday, former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dwight Clark announced he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. Clark wrote a letter on that revealed he first started feeling weakness in his hand in September 2015.

2017 NFL Free Agents: Best Players Available for Week 3

Is your NFL team looking for a player to complete their championship collection? Are they searching for an offensive lineman, running back or wide receiver—the perfect gift for that special quarterback in their life? Or perhaps a pass-rusher—the perfect gift to destroy that special quarterback in another team's life?

Bucs G.M. on Aguayo, who has competition: “He wasn’t very good last year”

Slid into the late-night news cycle during the first weekend of the college basketball tournament, it was easy to miss the fact the Buccaneers came close to admitting a giant mistake. But in signing veteran kicker Nick Folk to compete with second-round pick Roberto Aguayo, the Bucs sent a clear message that draft status wasn’t going to equal job security.

Ray Rice says he hasn’t given up on playing again

Ray Rice’s NFL career may have ended on September 8, 2014, when the tape of him punching his wife was made public, but Rice isn’t willing to accept that it’s over. Rice told ESPN he would still like to play and thinks he can still contribute to an NFL team.