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Bengals Bytes (3/22): Kicking the can

Should the Bengals draft a kicker? Tony Jefferson used an interesting source in free agency to decide who to play for. A look at some of the most over-hyped players in the upcoming draft.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Hobson's Choice: dust clears

You can get the same guy at No. 9 that you can get at No. 20. I think they’d love to trade back but it looks like a longshot. You really need someone to fall in in love with somebody and I guess unless someone absolutely has to have one of the safeties (Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker), you can get a guy at your spot that matches the value. The best shot to trade back is always if someone wants a QB, but the top four guys just don’t seem to be that alluring. I just can’t imagine Houston or Denver leaping up for one of those guys and Cleveland can sit there and get one at 12 if they want.

Draft a running back in Round 1?

The "Path to the Draft" team discusses whether or not it is a good idea to pick a running back in the 1st round.

Would the Cincinnati Bengals draft a kicker? Recent history says no

Now that the Cincinnati Bengals are two weeks into free agency, they have a more accurate picture of how the roster will look heading into the 2017 draft. We'll take a look at each position, how it changed in free agency and where it stands now.

Should Bengals Offer An Extention To Tyler Eifert?

Tyler Eifert is one of the best tight ends in the league, when not injured. Eifert when healthy, has been easily one of the best red zone targets if not the best. Eifert broke out in his 3rd year after the Bengals elected to not resign Jermaine Gresham and let Eifert be the No.1 tight end. His ability to be the top red zone option for the Bengals and provide a threat other than A.J. Green in the passing game is amazing. He’s the security blanket for Andy and also a huge part of the offense.

AFC North Bytes

Browns host tight end Kellen Davis on free agent visit

The Browns took another look Tuesday at tight end Kellen Davis, who spent the 2013 off-season with them. They hosted him on a free agent visit, a league source said. An unrestricted free agent, Davis (6-6, 265) signed with the Browns four years ago but was cut a week before the regular season. A nine-year veteran, Davis spent the past two seasons with the Jets. In 2016, he started seven games, catching no passes and serving primarily as a blocking tight end.

Ravens' Tony Jefferson used Madden to pick new team

Safety Tony Jefferson knew he was in for a big payday when he hit free agency this winter but the decision was about more than just money. Jefferson is headed from the Cardinals to the Ravens on a four-year deal worth up to $34 million ($19 million guaranteed). That’s a nice raise for a guy who was an undrafted free agent but he told he needed to consult Madden in order to make his final decision.

Financial details of Coty Sensabaugh’s two-year contract with Steelers released

For the first time in a long time the Pittsburgh Steelers had some salary cap space to work with this offseason, and while they didn’t have the $103 million dollars to spend like the Cleveland Browns, the team wasn’t belly up to the cap ceiling as they had been the past several years. With their new found financial freedom, the team has signed four players from outside the Steelers organization to help provide depth at key positions.

Random Bytes

Tony Romo will start for Texans in Week 1, and 4 other quarterback predictions for 2017

Several teams are stuck in limbo until the Cowboys figure out what to do with Tony Romo. That makes some current depth charts hard to figure out.

Most overhyped players in the 2017 NFL Draft

Last week, we took a look at some of the names that are getting glossed over in this year's draft process. While those names, and many others, continue not to get their due, there are tons of players we have been hearing about not only in excess, but also in hyperbole. This is definitely a talented class, but there is a tendency to go nuts with expectations on top guy's abilities to make the process seem flashier. Well, here's a wet towel for some of that hype.

Fractured friendship of Aaron Hernandez and a gangster played out in bone-chilling court scene

"Inseparable," Aaron Hernandez once described his relationship with Alexander Bradley. Separated by the distance between the witness stand (Bradley) and the defense table (Hernandez), although under different circumstances those positions could have been reversed.

Raiders' Relocation Fee for Potential Vegas Move Reportedly Revealed

The Oakland Raiders' proposed move to Las Vegas is only expected to cost the franchise around half the amount the Rams and Chargers paid to make Los Angeles their new home. Albert Breer of The MMQB reported Wednesday the NFL is planning to charge the Raiders between $325 million to $375 million for their relocation fee. The two L.A.-based organizations were charged $650 million each to move from St. Louis and San Diego.

Cam Newton Will Have Surgery to Repair Shoulder Injury, Will Miss Panthers OTAs

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will undergo surgery March 30 to repair a partially torn rotator cuff and will miss the team's organized training sessions.