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Video released of Adam Jones’ time in jail, spitting incident

Video evidence from Adam Jones’ night in jail has been obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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The Cincinnati Enquirer has released video of Bengals cornerback Adam Jones’ time in jail and the incidents leading up to the spitting incident that originally had him charged with a felony.

Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, announced that the felony charge was being dropped. Jones is still being charged with three misdemeanors and is expected in court on April 24 for a pretrial hearing.

Jones’ court hearing has been delayed a number of times. First, because Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters wanted the NFL to act first in determining a punishment for Jones. That seems unlikely to happen as the NFL rarely makes decisions on punishment before the legal system plays out. The involvement of the jail nurse also helped lead to the case being delayed. Speaking of, there are some inconsistencies in the case and decision for today’s felony, a result of Jones allegedly spitting on the jail nurse. Part of why the felony was dropped was because Deters believed the nurse, Tammy Hopkins was filing a civil case. But, per the Enquirer, that may not be the case.

In the statement, Deters said the nurse, Tammy Hopkins, is seeking a civil case against Jones. Deters said he wasn't pursuing the felony charge because of "a possible civil remedy."

But Hopkins' attorney, Robert Karl, said she hasn't yet decided whether to pursue a civil case. Karl said Hopkins hired him after another attorney, whom she hadn't even met, tried to act on her behalf and negotiate a settlement.

"She did not retain me to go after (Jones) for civil damages," Karl said. "She was very disturbed about what was is going on with the criminal process. She wanted answers."

Does this video change the way you feel about what happened while Jones was in jail?