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Eric Winston and more NFL stars discuss issues faced by players

Winston, the NFLPA president and Bengals offensive tackle, was part of a highly interesting roundtable discussion among NFL players and ESPN’s Jim Trotter.

Many NFL players recently gathered in Arizona for NFLPA player meetings.

During those meetings, Bengals offensive tackle and NFLPA president Eric Winston, Eagles linebacker Malcolm Jenkins, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman discussed many of the NFL’s biggest issues with ESPN’s Jim Trotter.

The two roundtable discussions offer an interesting and not-often seen glimpse into life as an NFL player.

The issue of painkillers was one topic discussed, which Winston says he’s had teammates struggle with. Harris mentioned that for guys with non-guaranteed contracts, taking drugs to play and to get out on the field is even more prevalent. Sherman alluded to NFL players not being properly educated by NFL teams on the risks of taking opioids and other drugs. The NFL is currently under investigation for its use and distribution of drugs.

The players also discussed the use of marijuana by NFL players, the NFL’s stance on player celebrations, prospects with off-field issues not being invited to the NFL Combine, and much more. The discussions are well worth the watch for NFL fans.