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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: New faces in new places

This week’s show was more listener-centric than most as we answered a lot of fan questions. We also examined the recent signing of Kevin Minter and took another look at Adam Jones’ recent legal developments.

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Is it me, or does it seem that every time the Bengals get a bit of good news this offseason, it shortly gets followed up with negative headlines? Such was the case over the past week with the club, as everyone was feeling pretty happy about veteran linebacker Kevin Minter coming into the fold, only to be overshadowed by more updates, both positive and negative, in the Adam Jones legal saga.

On this week’s episode of The Orange and Black Insider, Scott Schulze, Connor Howe and I discussed the outlook of both players in 2017. For Jones, the video of his being placed in jail was released around the time we finished recording the program, so we weren’t able to discuss the ramifications of it, but we did talk about the dismissal of the felony charge.

Meanwhile, it appears that Minter might be set to start in the middle of the Bengals’ defense, based on some comments he received from coaches. What does his arrival mean for Rey Maualuga? Does Minter coming into the fold take Alabama’s Reuben Foster out of the equation at No. 9 for the Bengals?

As we do with most of our episodes, we fielded a number of great fan questions that were submitted during the broadcast. The remaining players available in free agency, draft option scenarios and an interesting fantasy football-type of question regarding current and former Bengals’ running backs were all on the table.

Here’s the SoundCloud clip of this week’s episode!

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