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Corey Davis scouting report: small school stud

A look at Corey Davis and how he can help the Bengals, should the team select him in the NFL Draft.

Wide receiver and 2017 NFL Draft prospect Corey Davis is a player who not many people know about. That’s largely because he played at the small school Western Michigan.

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Western Michigan

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 209 pounds

Arm Length: 33"

Hands: 9 1/8"

However, those who do know about Davis largely learned about him this year as Western Michigan was one of only two schools in the country to finish the season undefeated. Davis was a big part of the team’s 13-0 run and recorded 1,500 receiving yards and 19 touchdowns on 97 receptions. That was after 2014 and 2015 seasons in which he topped 1,400 yards each and had at least a dozen touchdowns in both years. He's a stud and his college production backs that up.

The purpose of the above video is to help NFL fans understand how Davis will transition to the pros and how he can help the Bengals’ offense, as soon as 2017.

Davis is commonly believed to be worthy of the number 9 pick and so what was important for me with this video is to show people who didn’t get a chance to watch many Western Michigan games, what Davis can do.

Davis is currently dealing with a minor ankle injury, and hasn’t been able to workout or run for teams. He didn’t do drills at the Combine and didn’t participate in Western Michigan’s pro day, which the Bengals attended. As of now it is unknown if Davis will work out for teams at all prior to the draft. His draft stock could be impacted because of that, so maybe the Bengals can trade back and get him later in the round

However, he has said that he believes he should be ready for OTAs and the injury has been repeatedly reported as “minor”. I believe Davis can be a big help to the Bengals’ playoff hopes in 2017 and beyond, providing a big spark to what was an anemic offense last season.