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Mike Zimmer denies Vikings were interested in Domata Peko

It’s a case of he said, she said... Or he said, he said, more accurately.

There’s some drama brewing with former Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator and now Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer’s squad.

The father of former Vikings tight end Rhett Ellison, made a claim that the Vikings have "toxic leadership". Per, Ellison’s father, Riki Ellison, a former NFL player himself, penned a since deleted tweet regarding the Vikings.

“Exodus of their draft picks out of the Minnesota Vikings in free agency — with a new stadium, new facility — statement on toxic leadership,” the tweet said.

Separately, people have questioned why the Vikings would be interested in former Bengal Domata Peko after a report emerged that the Vikings were after him in the early stages of free agency. On top of that report, Peko confirmed in a press conference that the Vikings were “pretty big” on him during the free agency process.

“I had interest from the Eagles, 49ers, Cincy, of course, and then the Vikings were pretty big on me,” Peko said after signing with the Broncos.

But, Zimmer is denying any such interest.

“I love Peko,” he said. “He’s a great kid. But, no, we have Linval Joseph (at nose tackle), there was no (interest). Other than he’s a great kid, there was no interest in us trying to get him.”

This is just an interesting look at how reports regarding free agency in the NFL can take on a new life and how even if a player says something — like Peko claiming the Vikings were interested in him — it may not be true. Though, in this case... maybe it’s Zimmer who’s covering up the truth. What do you think?