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Scott Van Pelt does not like Skyline Chili

The ESPN sportscaster lost a bet and had to try some Cincinnati chili as a result.

Before the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, ESPN sportscaster Scott Van Pelt made a bet that if his college, Maryland, lost in round one of the tournament to Xavier, he would eat Skyline Chili, made with a packet of Cincinnati chili mix.

The 11-seeded Xavier upset the 6-seeded Maryland, 76-65, and Van Pelt had to follow through on the bet.

Personally, I’m a fan of Skyline Chili, but it seems very obvious Van Pelt is not. In the days leading up to him paying off the bet, Van Pelt repeatedly made it known on his show that he was scared to eat the chili and not looking forward to it. He even asked guests on his show for advice and their take on Cincinnati chili.

On Wednesday night, the bet came to fruition. Do you think Van Pelt made too big of a deal over eating some Cincinnati chili?

Next time, I’d probably recommend Van Pelt make his own or visit Cincinnati instead of just making some chili from a packet.

P.S. You know who does like Skyline Chili? Roger Goodell and Peter King.