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The Orange and Black Insider: Redemption Songs

On this week’s episode, we previewed the NFL Draft with Joe Goodberry, while also wondering if the Bengals are in rebuild or re-tool mode.

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One of the major aspects that makes The Orange and Black Insider fun is the listener interaction we receive. Whether it’s in live listeners asking questions, or the emails we get during the week, we love fielding your questions.

On this week’s episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with NFL Draft expert, Joe Goodberry. We asked him a number of questions, ranging from the Bengals’ biggest needs, his preferences on players at positions of need and who some of the late-risers may be, as the draft festivities kick off in a few weeks.

Connor Howe, Scott Schulze and I also kicked around the idea of if the Bengals are totally rebuilding in 2017, because of massive personnel losses over the past two seasons, or if they are merely “re-tooling”. Even though we all were comfortable with the core stars they have under contract, none of us could ignore the amount of quality players who have left the club recently.

In fielding fan questions, we looked back at the 2009 draft and took a look whether the Bengals had better options than Rey Maualuga. We also had some fun with a question about the team’s uniform and examined the Bengals’ biggest current roster holes.

You can follow Joe Goodberry on Twitter @JoeGoodberry, or find him as a regular on ESPN Radio 1530 Cincinnati’s podcast with James Rapien.

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