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Cincinnati Bengals free agency live updates and tracker

Let’s keep track of the Cincinnati Bengals’ moves in 2017 NFL free agency.

The Bengals aren’t going to be sprinting out of the gates at the start of NFL free agency. That’s not the Bengal way. Instead, the team will focus on getting its best free agents re-signed and then considering who to consider in outside free agency.

The legal tampering period lasts through the start of free agency on March 9 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Get all the rules and updates on 2017 NFL free agency here.

Keep track below for all of the latest Bengals free agency moves and updates.

Bengals Free Agency News

Bengals re-sign Wallace Gilberry

Bengals re-sign running back Cedric Peerman to one-year deal

Bengals sign linebacker Kevin Minter

Bengals re-sign T.J. Johnson to two-year deal

Bengals sign Andre Smith after one-year hiatus

Bengals cut James Wright; Browns claim him

Patriots sign Rex Burkhead to one-year deal

Colts sign Margus Hunt to two-year deal

Broncos sign Domata Peko to two-year deal

Bengals re-sign Eric Winston to one-year deal

Cardinals sign Karlos Dansby to one-year deal

Bengals re-sign Dre Kirkpatrick to five-year deal

Browns sign Kevin Zeitler to five-year deal

Rams sign Andrew Whitworth to three-year deal

Bengals re-sign Brandon LaFell to two-year deal

Bengals extend RFA tender to guard/center T.J. Johnson

Bengals 2017 Free Agents

Player Pos. 2016 Team 2017 Team Type Status Money
Player Pos. 2016 Team 2017 Team Type Status Money
Andrew Whitworth LT Bengals Rams UFA Signed three-year deal with Rams $36 million, $15 million guaranteed
Domata Peko 4-3 DT Bengals Broncos UFA Signed two-year deal $7.5 million, $3.8 million guaranteed in Year 1
Brandon LaFell WR Bengals Bengals UFA Re-signed to two-year deal $10 million
Dre Kirkpatrick CB Bengals Bengals UFA Re-signed to five-year deal $52 million, $12 million guaranteed
Karlos Dansby 4-3 OLB Bengals Cardinals UFA Signed to one-year deal $2 million, $700,000 guaranteed
Kevin Zeitler RG Bengals Browns UFA Signed five-year deal with Browns $60 million, $31.5 million guaranteed
Eric Winston RT Bengals Bengals UFA Re-signed to one-year deal $1.08 million, $80,000 guaranteed
Cedric Peerman RB Bengals Bengals UFA Re-signed to one-year deal
Margus Hunt 4-3 DE Bengals Colts UFA Signed to two-year deal $4.1 million $500,000 guaranteed
Wallace Gilberry 4-3 DE Bengals Bengals UFA Re-signed to new deal
Chykie Brown CB Bengals UFA
Randy Bullock K Bengals Bengals UFA Re-signed to two-year deal $1.5 million
T.J. Johnson C Bengals Bengals RFA Re-signed to two-year deal
Rex Burkhead RB Bengals Patriots UFA Signed to one-year deal $3.15 million

Bengals Re-Signed

  • Kicker Randy Bullock
  • Wide Receiver Brandon LaFell
  • Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick
  • Offensive Tackle/Guard Eric Winston
  • Offensive Guard/Center T.J. Johnson


  • Offensive Tackle/Guard Andre Smith
  • Linebacker Kevin Minter


  • Left Tackle Andrew Whitworth
  • Right Guard Kevin Zeitler
  • Running Back Rex Burkhead
  • Defensive End Margus Hunt
  • Linebacker Karlos Dansby
  • Wide Receiver James Wright (cut)

Remaining Bengals Free Agents

  • Running Back Cedric Peerman
  • Cornerback Chykie Brown
  • Defensive End Wallace Gilberry