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WATCH LIVE: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast (4/19)

We’re live here at CJ and on our YouTube channel. Join the chat, or leave your questions in the comments to be answered on air!

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We are live (at 8:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday) on with this week’s Orange and Black Insider, and we’re setting the table for all things Bengals and the NFL Draft. We’re just over a week away from Cincinnati using their 11 picks over the big weekend and anticipation is running high as to who might be the next group of players in stripes.

On this week’s show, we take a look at the skill players in the incoming class and ask a couple of interesting questions. After seeing a devaluation of the running back position in recent years, does the mocking of a number of players in the first round mean that teams are warming back up to using a high pick at the spot? Or, is it simply an anomaly because of the amount of star power in this particular class? We also preview the upcoming draft festivities with some surprise segments.

We also want you to put your pop culture hats on and think back to some of your favorite football movies and their colorful characters. If some of those players were eligible in this year’s draft, who would you want the Bengals to select from the big screen and onto their roster?

We’ll also be taking fan questions, so leave them here in the comment thread, in the YouTube live chat and/or on Twitter @BengalsOBI or via email at If you can’t join our live broadcast, you can download the show on iTunes, SoundCloud, through our YouTube channel and here on Cincy Jungle.

Thanks for listening!