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Bengals Draft 2017: 1 player I want; 1 player I don’t

Here's one player could really help the Bengals out, while the other could be a ticking time bomb.

Alabama v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As we approach the 2017 NFL Draft, a fully formed picture of each prospect is starting to form. The Bengals have plenty of holes they need to fill through the draft, although a few positions may not be as serious now that free agency has essentially shaken out.

For example, after re-signing Dre Kirkpatrick and bringing in former Arizona Cardinal Kevin Minter, the cornerback and linebacker positions look much less dire in 2017, as opposed to positions like running back and offensive guard, which now look extremely volatile after losing free agents like Kevin Zeitler and Rex Burkhead.

The Bengals have been very good at finding talent at all stages in the draft in recent years, so it is hard to find much to criticize in their drafting strategy. Things might not make sense initially, but over time, we come to realize the Bengals were geniuses all along for maneuvering the draft in a way that didn't seem smart at the time.

That said, many Bengals fans, including myself, have a few very strong opinions about certain prospects in the upcoming draft. There are certain players we would love to see the Bengals take a chance on, and other players whom we would really rather the team avoid if possible.

It is hard to say exactly how the board will look when the Bengals are on the clock, but for now, these are the two players whom I feel the strongest about right now.

I want: Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee

To ignore the Bengals' need for an injection of talent at running back is simply irresponsible at this point. In 2014, the Bengals had one of the best young backfields in the NFL with Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill tearing things up as one of the NFL's best rushing duos, Rex Burkhead in the backup role as one of the league's best-kept secrets, and Cedric Peerman shoring up the final spot, primarily sticking around as a top special teams contributor.

In 2015, the Bengals saw a sharp decline in Hill's production. In 2016, he continued to struggle, and Bernard was injured for part of the season. Burkhead broke out near the end of the season, sparking the debate of whether or not he should replace Hill in the starting lineup. Unfortunately, the Bengals failed to re-sign him this offseason, so they are currently stuck with a sufficiently productive Bernard paired with an unproductive Hill.

That is where a running back like Kamara comes in. At Tennessee, he established himself as one of college football's best multi-threat running backs. He is explosive, well proportioned, and well-liked by virtually everyone on his team. The majority of the questions surrounding him deal with his mild injury history and durability, which shouldn't be a problem in a dual-threat running back system like the one the Bengals employ.

The Bengals are likely to be able to pick Kamara up with their second round pick, which is typically the round the Bengals like to pick promising running-backs in any way. A Bernard-Kamara tandem would allow for the perfect hybrid-style backfield system for the Bengals, allowing quarterback Andy Dalton a plethora of options on any given play.

I don't want: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

A popular pick for the Bengals at No. 9 overall in many early mock drafts, Foster has completely botched the whole process leading up to the draft. He is still considered a top-10 talent, but his character is up to serious question after he was dismissed from the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine for reasons related to an altercation in the medical tent. It was later reported that he failed a drug test.

Granted, Foster's vicious mentality and unbelievable athleticism make him a very tempting prospect. His production in college, alone, is enough to sell scouts. But, he has serious immaturity issues, average instincts, average pass-coverage ability, and doesn't seem to have developed his block shedding technique as much as he has with his tackling technique.

If the Bengals were to take Foster at No. 9 overall, there is a solid chance they would be receiving a top-tier player who will be great for many years to come in the NFL. But, there is also a chance his immaturity consistently gets him in trouble at the professional level, and he never develops the techniques he needs to succeed in the NFL. When considering a player for a top-10 draft pick, they have to be more of a sure-fire prospect than he currently appears to be.

Speak up, Bengals fans! Who is one player you want and one you don't want in the upcoming draft? Get the discussion going in the comments!